Which plane to fly?

  • A320
  • 737-800

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I prefer the A320 but you can do the poll here:

There we go, now it is not would you rather

It still belongs in the linked thread.

I see everyone likes 320, I would to

i am sure, this will get closed in a couple of minutes.

I posted another thing that was like the same thing that just happened and it is still opened

Well in this case the appropriate topic for this would belong in the topic linked above by @Ayano_Gudy since it falls under the same details. I’d continue there as that’s a fully established and active thread for that. 😁

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Currently yes, but since this topic is already opened it does no longer matter.

Why have another topic for something that belongs in a topic linked above? This is avoid clutter and repeating the same kind of stuff that would go in there. Moderators aren’t active 24/7 to close topics as well.

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Consider that a mod is coming and will close this.

Please just post it in the appropriate linked topic. We have the topic for a reason. If everyone created a new topic for each WYR, it would be chaos. This is a forum of 40,000 people, not a chat room.

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Consider that @infiniteflight_17 and @Altaria55’s comments as a warning. posting topics that had a same purpose as the topic i linked above is increasing the chance of clogging up the community

Sure next time yes, but right now there is now rule for that, they like you to do that, but it is not required as you may find

I’m not sure exactly what you mean by there is no rule for that… if there’s a topic for something, you post in that. The topic will be closed shortly and either merged with that thread, or you can just flag this one yourself and post in that one again

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Also, putting stuff in a thread like that has 2 negative effects, it takes for ever to get to the bottom and you don’t get the points for creating a topic

I don’t know what points you need? People can also just scroll through a topic and find the bottom… if someone has already read it, it’ll resume from where they left off


did you ever tried this to get into the bottom?


The link actually has 600 something, Idk what your talking about

Click on it and you’ll see a slider that you can use to get straight to the bottom.