Which plane to buy.

Hi guys, I basically have most of the IF fleet, but I want to know how good the A340 is. I read in Rotate’s review that it’s the oldest IAP on the game. How good is it?
I’m also thinking of buying the 777-200ER, 767-300ER and the 747-200, are these “easy” to fly? Is the 747-200 the same thing as the 400 or something more modern?

Thanks in advance!

The real plane of the 747-200 is older than the -400 so I wouldn’t consider it modern in this context

I mean in game, is it better than the 400?

If you want an old, original plane, get the 747-200. If you want a plane that’s modern and easy to fly, instead of the 767, I’d rather get the 757.


I personally don’t have it. But they were released in the game at the same time. So I’m assuming that they’d not only fly the same, but also has a few decals that are different to the -400.


How good is the 767? I have the 757 already.

Oh… Well I don’t really know about the 767. Sorry.

Thanks (filler).

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The 767-300 is really easy to Control for example it’s great to practice landings

767-300 has bad graphics. If you’re like me, you hate that. 777-300 is one of my favorites. The Cessna Citation X is great too.

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The 747-200 has the following liveries you cannot find anywhere else (So far):
Iran Air
Pakistan International
Olympic Airlines
Air Canada (Black borders around leaf)
Iberia (IB logo)
Northwest (Bowling Shoe)
TAP Air Portugal (Retro)
KLM (Retro)
SAS (Retro)

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The 757 is my favorite, if you have the option to buy it, do it :)! I’m not disappointed with it.

I’m more focused on the flight model, is it good? The cockpit looks like the one of the 737?

How’s the flight model? Is it the same as the 744? Panam’s livery looks good though.

Since the 747-400 and 747-200 were updated in the same update, expect a flight model similar to the 747-400

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Maybe I’ll give it a try.

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Buy the A340. I recently got it it’s the best. Really smooth motions and easy to control


But does it fly OK or is like the pre-update A321 or the 787?

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