Which plane should I use?

If I was going to do a flight from KEWR-WSSS, what plane would you suggest? I know the 787-10 is used IRL but it’s range and fuel carry isn’t the best.

A350-900 ULR is used IRL. I would suggest the 787-10 or A380 in IF.


Ok. Wasn’t the 787-10 used at one point irl? I thought it was until the a350 came out.

Nope. They restarted the route when they took delivery of their first A359 ULR. Before then, it was only operated by the A340-500.

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Huh, ok then. Idk where I saw that then.

Just Use the B74 or A38

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I did it with 2 hours of fuel left in the B789. Its the longest range 787.

Actually, The B788 has the longest range. ;)

If its used IRL then it can be used in Infinite Flight. All fuel burn data is taken from the actual aircraft from real world data. 🙂