Which Plane Needs the Most Runway?

Hi guys I was wondering which plane uses up the most runway length is it an a380

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shouldn’t this go in real world aviation?

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Antonov 225


I found this; its a bit old but maybe its of use.


pasenger: airbus A380

non-passenger: antanov 225

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I’m pretty sure the 748 needs the most runway.

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There’s no real definitive answer, but in short it’s the a380/747 and the an225

But it all depends on the weight. I’ve seen 747s rotate after 5 seconds from still, and others rotate at the end of the runway (search for 'keep calm and rotate; kinda funny) the 225 unloaded could probably do it in a couple of kilometres, or may never leave the ground if fully loaded.

No. A blimp.


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