Which plane is better?

Hi there. I would like to hopping around Guam island. Which plane should I use? C208, C172, XCub or TBM930? Thanks.


Personally, I would use the TBM or C172. They’re great aircraft to fly.

Have fun!


Thank you!!

I recommend using the XCub, you can get great views with it!

Xcub is soo difficult to land 😅

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Yeah, it’s kinda hard cuz it’s a taildragger.

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You have to have a lot of rudder inputs for tail draggers and in IF it can be difficult

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I recommend the TBM because of its great performances and because it doesn’t need a long runway. You can land it anywhere !
Safe flights

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I did only XCub, but that was terrible to play;;

I’m a C172 person but it’s up to you.

I would use the TBM. Have fun!

Antonav AN225

Well the TBM 930 does have opening doors and passenger view so I would recommend it. C:

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