Which plane is better The 737 or the 777

Hi, Everyone this is my very first topic and i wanted to know which is better the 737 or the 777

Hey, I think this would be able to fit in this topic:


Personal preference really, everyone likes one or the other more!

I think the 777. Looking at the gear tilt on approach is mesmerising!


It depends.

I would not have a 777 between EGLL and ENGM, instead I would choose obviously the 737 (Ergonomy, demand and for the sake of realism)

Same I would not choose a 737 between WSSS and LEBL, I would choose the 777.

They fits on different categories, and each airline has their preferences and configurations for them.

Its like comparing Chairs with tables

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In my opinion i prefer the 737 because its a bit easy to control

I like the 777 but I like the 737 better since it can land on shorter runways.

You can land the 777 on shorter runways if you really try. :)

I mean legally lol.

Who said it had to be legally

Before 20.1, 737. After, 777

Now you’re onto something, something I like. Lol

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Airbus A330s all the way! The SriLankan livery specifically is absolutely gorgeous 🤩🤩