Which Plane flies the furthest/longest in this game?

Hi I am planing to do a flight using the plane that can fly the furthest in the game. Any recommendations?

You can see the estimated range in the fueling menu of the aircraft. Currently, the 777-200LR and 787-9 are the longest range. Use windy.com too to ensure you are maximizing your range :)


I think it is the Boeing 777-200LR with a nautical range of almost 10,000 nautical miles. PAX, Cargo and winds will make a difference of course.

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So which is the best?

I don’t remember. I think it is the -9. You can view them in the menu on the fueling screen.

Where can I see the menu?

Spawn in, then go to weight and balance, then go to fuel settings, and it should show estimated fuel in the fuel section.

B747-8 BBJ.

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Range in nm, data from wikipedia


I beg to differ. While that shows some interesting data, that seems to me like it’s incorrect for IF. I have done 12,000 NM flights in the 787-9 and others have as well. It is the most fuel efficient aircraft in IF, so that’s the best for long range over 17 hours. (In my opinion)


The B788 has less range then the A346? No way…

That’s unrealistic. You would’ve flown with 0 pax and 0 cargo or you wouldn’t have followed real life rules

Just hopping to his defense,

This is just a simulator, not real life. You honestly do whatever you want.

Yes we strive for realism, but that doesn’t mean we can do things that don’t happen in real life.


777 - 200LR has the longest range, no doubt. That beast flew 20,000 Kilometers once without a stop. (Granted, winds probably helped, but still!)

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. By the way which FL is most fuel efficient? Thank you

747-8, I’ve had 21 hours out of that and could probably have gone longer if used the winds to my advantage.

You should step climb, don’t go straight for 40,000ft, you’ll drop out the sky. Start at FL310/320 and step climb 2,000ft at a time as fuel burns.

keep in mind that there are winds aloft

Thank you everyone for your participations!

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