Which plane can't you fly with?

Which plane can’t you fly with?

Which aircraft can you not control during take-off and landing. For me, it’s the Boeing 757-200.

I would like to hear which plane it is for you.



757-200 is sooo easy for me


any plane that isn’t in infinite flight


Boeing 717-200, CRJ9, and probably the MD-11 sorry @Topgottem


Cessna 172, I nearly stall every time I try to.

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Boeing 717. Plane stalls every time 💀

The CRJ family, B717, occasionally the B752 just because I suck at crosswind take-offs LOL!

I am pretty bad with the 747 because it more high up than I am used to because I don’t fly the 747 to often

For me it’s definitely the A-10. Very complicated procedures, especially for landing.


Yes and I keep stalling and its so like hard to handle

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Any fighters except f18 because I rarely do

Every GA aircraft, they light as a feather 😂

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The 757 is such a pain for me

I find the 737 planes easier than other planes. The 737 tends to be a “forgiving” aircraft (I understand that is true in real life).

I find the MD-11 freighter difficult to land. I studied the POH for this plane and know the various landing speeds but many times i end up in a stall condition as I near landing and sometimes fell short of the runway.

I can fly the Cessna 172 but definitely can’t butter it.

The plane I have issues with is the 747 family since you can’t really see much on the ground because of how high the instrument panel is. I’m also not very good at the 717 or the XCub.

I can definitely butter the crap out of the E-Jets though 🧈

Every GA aircraft!!

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I don’t really like the Boeing 737-900, feels kinda off compared to the other 737 aircraft.

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Really? That’s one of my favorite planes. I did used to tail strike it a lot back in the old days


anything with tilted landing gear.

Usually it should be easy but I just can’t butter them.

I can land the 717 super smoothly though! Super fun and easy aircraft to fly