Which Pilot licenses do I need to become a airline pilot?

I was doing some research on how to become a pilot and it said you need a CPL to become a commercial pilot and a ATPL for Airline Transport Pilot. So which one will I need? (Btw, I want to become a pilot for Air Canada).


The commercial license really just allows you to fly for compensation or hire. The ATP certification is what most larger companies require, since it requires a higher number of hours. Not sure exactly what Canada requirements are, but in the US you can get your commercial at 250 hours and your ATP at 1500. So really you need both.


If you attend a college and get an aviation degree at approved locations you can get your ratp at 1,000 hours. You just have to build 500 hours at your job to then become a pilot in command.


Here’s a good resource



Thank you guys for helping me out! I’ll try to do what u have told me.

If you have any questions dont hesitate to reach out. There are a lot of community members who are irl pilots (including me) who can answer questions about flight training.

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