Which Photo is Better?

Hello IFC,
I have a question for you guys. I took some photos last year at Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas.
Which of the two following do you guys think is better?
Air Force Formation Flight

A-10 Thunderbolt taxiing by with a nice mountain backdrop

  • Formation Flight
  • A-10 Taxiing by

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Thanks for helping me!


The formation flight looks really nice! :D

You see all those jets with the nice, blue sky.


Both are awesome! The deep blue sky looks incredible! But the A-10 taxiing by would be my personal favorite just because of how interesting the A-10 looks.


Thanks @Mats and @BigBert10!

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I like both very much, it’s hard to pick one over the other, but if I have to then I’ll go with the formation. It looks magnificent to see the planes altogether :D


Super nice images 😄


Nice pics but just a tad over done with the highlight. But I like the A-10 taxiing


Yah, I see that. A bit overdone with the overly blue background.


I think the formation flight shot is cooler, but the A10 shot is more beautiful!


Yeah, the formation looks better as it requires more skill and there is a variety of aircraft ☺


Both pictures are excellent and I commend your photography skills!
Number one is my personal favourite, it’s a beautiful image, and not to mention it also requires somewhat more skill to capture. It’s very exciting and my personal favourite.

Number 2 is still an Excellent image, the A10 is a special aircraft and the backdrop makes it all the more beautiful, but no 1 just had a bit more flair to it.

Keep it up, I’d love to see any others you have!

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Both are nice, if you were looking to hang one on the wall i’d go with the formation flight, its a little more unique and special :) although personally i’d nudge the blue down a notch just to get rid of some of the halo around the aircraft

Nice work

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Lol why do you need to ask when the first photo is called “nice.jpg” and the second photo is called “nicer.jpg”?

Anyways, those are some beautiful photos. I prefer nicer.jpg.

Lol it was because after I edited them, I just saved them quickly without thinking about the name, just what came to mind. Forgot that it would show up on here 😂😂

The formation flight looks better, but you over edited it, imo. The colors look artificial and the sky is REALLY grainy.

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IK, I put too much color in the sky there.

Saw both on the FlightAware newsletter. Nice job.

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Do you use Flightaware as well?

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