Which phone to choose

Can anybody tell me in which phone infinite flight is running smooth?

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There are many phones. Can you give like options according to your price range and your preference

Like Samsung,one plus and Realme

…Samsung S22 Ultra? If you have the money, you’ll get what you want. 😜

Price range?

Around 30000-40000 (Indian price)

A cheaper option (coming in slightly below your spending range) is the IPhone SE 2020. While it’s not a workhorse in performance it’s very capable of any sort of flying you’d be doing, wether that’s long hauls or flying into very busy crowded airports.
I also use this device as my main phone in life and IF has not affected anything aside from the battery, which is too be expected with any device.

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iPad is probably the best option

I was planning on getting that

I recommend you buy a iPad, considering youre buying it for IF.

An older samsung can run IF decently (s20/ s20FE comes to mind)

I totally agree with this. Flying on a phone is usually hard and more complicated. iPads run smoother in my opinion and are more easy to use with Infinite Flight, and also really gives the feel of the yoke on a real aircraft due to the size. If you’re looking for a good iPad I would recommend the Air, as it’s one of their newer models and also has a high level of performance.


Yea iPhone se is also good!

It works well on Ipad 8th generation

Thanks for your suggestion!

Thank you,but I have an iPad

I recommend the iPad Pro. It’s very smooth and runs 60fps really well. The game can look great during sunrise and sunset. Personally, a phone is quite small and it would be difficult to play IF.

Samsung S21 Ultra. Amazing phone. Playing isnt a difficult. More comfortable to moving phone then IPAD… imagine rotate big thing in air LOL

This is a bit late, but I reccoment checking This Thread, as it is made by community members that have certain devices, and say if said device is good for IF.

I use a iPhone 12 and though it’s not large like an iPad for me personally I don’t mind as I’ve grown up with devices this size so that’s that + it’s really smooth