Which part of a flight do you hate?

  • Boarding
  • Taxiing to runway
  • Takeoff
  • Cruise
  • Approach
  • Landing
  • Taxiing to gate
  • Getting your stuff exiting the plane

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My least favorite is taxiing to runway because we usually have to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour to taxi after doors have been closed. Traffic is always backed up here at LAX.

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Cruise is the time where kids are the most active


Your missing the wait before you taxi sitting at the gate

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Oh yeah thanks i forgot that one

Getting out the plane wishing I can stay longer


Seems you had very bad experiences with unruly children…😬 I just ignore them and listen to my iPod…I hate when I have to get off the plane because the flight is over😪😪


I hate that! More if is an AA flight (whenever I fly with them the flight it’s sort of delayed always…😒😒)

Cruise time on a sunny day, sitting by the window seat, as specially if you forgot your sunglasses… But then again, you can always cover up your window, but thats no fun :(


Any kid that annoys me during a flight

is a big complaint from me


It does fall under taxiing to runway though. You are pulled out of the gate just waiting.

I feel you, as specially if the kid behind you starts to kick your chair, completely ruins the fun and is hard to focus >:/


I understand you, once a kid almost puked me in a SWA flight 😕😖 And sometimes I had to seat in front of a kid who’s always kicking the seat.


AT the gate

fair choice

he kicks my seat

I recline all the way back


I know it sucks. They always kick the back of your seat and tap the seat back screen behind you super hard. I just turn the volume super high on my headphones to block out the voice but I hate the kicking.

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Oh well I it won’t let me change it now :(

One time, I was on my iPad and this kid decided to stalk me

he smelly finger went into my eyes


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Oh my goodness that’s disgusting. I feel bad for you. Sometimes I fly a a plane on IF while I’m on a plane lol

For some reason I hate takeoff and being pushed into my seat