Which other controllers can i use?

Hello everyone. I have been playing Infinite Flight simulator for a while now. I am enjoying the game and i want to try and make it more realistic. I play on a 6 inch phone and not much comfortable in holding the phone and aligning the flight perfectly at the glide slope. Sometimes i make minor errors. I want to buy a joystick for my device so that i can connect it on my phone and have a better experience of this wonderful game. Do you guys have an external joystick with which you play infinite flight? Also can you please suggest me a good infinite flight joystick and how to set it up and play with it. Thank you so much for your time.

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I’m not 100% sure but I think Logitech has one.

Here are 2 good options. I my self have the Logitech and it works well, personally I’m not the biggest fan of joysticks and I honestly haven’t used mine in a while. But it just takes some time to really get a feel for it. About the Thrust Master, I have never used it so I can’t say anything about that.

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is it easy to set up on android mobile the logitech one?

Yes. If you have a pc/laptop/mac you can use it for android pretty easy
I have the Logitech one, on a Huawei device, and a windows laptop

Here is a really helpful tutorial on how to set everything up :)

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great i have one plus and hp i think it should work then with logitech.

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Yes that should be pretty easy. You have to download ‘liveflightconnect’ on your laptop. And have a good WIFI connection.
When you have ur joystick, plug it in the pc/laptop, be sure to be on the same wifi router with your pc and phone. Then it should work if you started Liveflightconnect.

If you buy it, you can send me a PM on how to set it up if you want. Happy to help🎉

Ok sure thanks.

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Hey! What phone do you have? I’m no expert in these joystick thingys, but I have heard a bit that iOS doesn’t properly support these joysticks, and if they do, I think you need a mac as well.
If you’re an android user, you shouldn’t have any issues.


iOS doesn’t really have a part in this, you will need a computer to download liveflightconnect which is what actually connects the joystick to your iOS device, so you dont have to worry about iOS not supporting it and you dont have to use a Mac, you can use a PC too.

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I have a Extreme 3D Pro but stopped using it because Liveflight Connect kept crashing whenever I used it.

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