Which one?

Just a takeoff from SBGR on solo


Definitely love the first one! Just the big moon in the background with beautiful wingflex and gear tilt! If it were me, I would’ve made it more of a sunset/sunrise instead, it would look really good!

Either way, still looks good!


I’ll do that hold on

Here there is some holes in it tho @AlaskaAirfireball111

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Move back farther with the free cam to make the moon appear bigger, then zoom in a bit more with the exact angle, you’ll get some next level shots. ;)

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So try to get the moon to look better than the aircraft?

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I’d definitely go with the first one.

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Thanks! Means a lot


Yes, of you have the replay, I can get that angle for you to demonstrate.

I definitely like the first one thougj

Cool shots I love the one with the Moon, nice to finally have the 747 with gear tilt and wingflex