Which one should I buy, Seattle/Hawaii?

Hi everyone i´m confuse and i don´t know with one to buy . Can you guys help me to choose .

  • Seattle
  • Hawaii

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A) Poll failed.
B) Get Carribean


I fixed thanks

i already have Carribean

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Global is Soon so…


Global its soon but it will no be free .

Live + or wait for Global.

I don’t want to wait for global but thanks and I don’t like live + . @Flightfan84

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Thanks everyone’s for voting .

Live+ but you can wait for Global if you want

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Hawaii for ATC and jet flying at high altitudes. Although there is one commercial route in Seattle that lets you up to high altitudes.

Go with your preference. IF you like mountain flying in props, buy Seattle. IF you like a lot of ATC and jet flying, choose Hawaii.

I don’t like LIVE+
Translation: My parents won’t let me have it.


Hawaii is a very nice region to fly in…

Live+, once you pay it the next month pays for it, then it’s like paying free. Any region, any plane, anytime, oh and ATC is also included ;)

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let me tell something i leave my owne life and i can buy what ever i want i m not depend of my parent and i´m 17 . @Sam1

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Maybe spellcheck your responses next time…but I’d get Hawaii.

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I may believe you if you spelt every second word right.
You may be telling the truth but I used to play this game a long time ago so I have a hunch.

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