Which one of these planes would you get?

Airbus offers you two planes
One of them an A380 with suited and finished with gold and leather interior but with many reports of engine failures and artificial horizon failures
One A310 with no reports of failures or problem reports but with no interior

You can not get both and airbus says you must fly the one you choose or they will get it from you. Which one will you get?

  • A380
  • A310

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The latter, I’d rather be safe.

I’d by Boeing


A380 and sell the interior to fix the issues with it.

That or just park it once I gut the avionics too. Turn it into a house.


Both are free so…

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Oh, then A380 for bragging rights. No need to fly it😉


A380 park it and live in it.


You MUST fly it. Or Airbus will get them back.

I can’t then. It would land/takeoff from the Isle of Man

I would buy the A310 because I could start from scratch with the interior. But I would like a 757 that had no problems but had no interior.

They can’t get it back if I scrap it first.


Yeah… Maybe.

I would take the first one, strip the interior and sell it, then buy another plane with that money.

My question now
An A350 with no engines
737 fully customized for your personal needs

  • A350
  • 737

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The A310 is an older aircraft, which means there’s gonna be a failure in the next time.

All the A380 ENG failures are fixed, so why not take this one? ;)

Because they’ll explode

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Too much Hollywood.

I believe that you are supposed to imagine this particular type of A380 has problems and this particular A310 is like engineered on by the experts to guarantee its “problem-freeness”…

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Turn the A310 into a plane like similar to Donald trumps with a bed and everything and wifi 🤗. Fly around the world when I get my pilots license and enjoy life . Haha lol I would never have the money to do that but if I did that’s what I would do. . Plus do you think I want to die on my first flight with the A380 :)

What’s the point of having no engine on a plane ?