Which one is correct?




So which one is the one that I follow. I got both from this community so can this community tell me which one is valid. Thank you all very much.


Use the every 2000 one.

The 4000 above FL290 is for non-RVSM airspace, which, with advances in instrumentation is virtually non-existent anymore.

0/360-159: Odd flight levels, even above FL290.
180-359: Even, above FL290 as well.


If you look closely at the images you will see below the title what altitude range they are for. Both are correct, just at different heights.

Yes, I looked closely before I posted it. My issue is with the rules ABOVE FL290. One says 4000ft intervals beginning at Fl300 and the other say FL310. Which one is it. Yes, I know that a southwestern heading.

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So youre saying that it’s the Neodd Sweven rule no matter if it’s above FL290?

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Yes, for our purposes it’s fine. The only exception is in non-RVSM airspace, which, again, hardly exists anymore.

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Yeah…I got that. Hence the sentence “even above FL290” in my response.

I know what the confusion is. I’m saying it’s outdated. Just go with odds eastbound and evens westbound. Regardless of flight level. Unless you want to find some non-RVSM airspace near Antarctica or something.


This isn’t the first time we’ve had this discussion. I think it would be a good idea if @Mark_Denton updated his tutorial to reflect RVSM. Cruising Altitudes

Why his tutorial isn’t incorrect. All the above is correct either stated by Mark in the tutorial, or @Tim_B

Kind of. RVSM is used over 90% of the globe. You know, places like North America and Europe. So Mark’s tutorial is only 90% wrong. Lol. A few months ago when was first learning and reading all the tutorials and watching videos. This really confused me when SimBrief or flight aware would give a cruise altitude that was wrong according to Mark’s tutorial. I think it’s a simple oversight that would be easy to fix so more people don’t get mixed up like @Playr_Mar and I were.

Actually the plane needs to be certified for RVSM not just an airspace so you may have a plane that is certified, and not certified in the same airspace. Again marks tutorial is not incorrect by any means.

Which aircraft that can cruise above FL290 arn’t RVSM certified? I figured we were keeping the fleet up to and well maintained. :) sure it not incorrect. But if you’re going to list one way to do something it would be better if it was the more common way. I’m a huge fan of you and Mark. It’s just my opinion. Reading these forums I’ve learned the even the experts don’t always agree.

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