Which one-B787 VS CRJ-200

Which one would you like to be reworked first ?

  • B787
  • CRJ-200

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The 787 needs more work such as animated parts as far as I am concerned the Crj can wait


The 787 is already being reworked.


Great,cant wait to fly it,I am really hopping that it will have Saudia livery,and the B777.

You must be hopping like crazy about the to-be-released reworked aircraft! :D


Indeed I am :D !

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I think it would be really neat to see the CRJs get some work done on them. Our only other rear engine aircraft is the 717, and we already have a lot of really high quality medium/large jetliners.

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Don’t forget the Citation X :)


True but she’s more like a general aviation/private jet.

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  • If the 787 is released before global flight it will not be useful.
  • If the CRJ is released before global flight it will be useful.

  • If the 787 is released after/with global flight, it will be useful to the people able to do long haul flights.
  • If the CRJ is released with/after global flight it will suit people who can only do short haul flights.

The CRJ will be able to be used on realistic routes by more people.


787 has already been confirmed as next…


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