Which One? A359 Air Caraibes

Good Morning/Afternoon/Night IFC Today I have 2 photos to decide for a thumbnail as normal.
I have been pretty much stuck on which one I should pick. Anyways here they are

Route: TNCM to TFFF
Flight time: about an hour
Aircraft and Livery: A359 Air Caraibes

Taking off from St.Maarten While jetBlue Lining up in the back and KLM 747 getting ready to taxi

Seconds away from landing at Martinique

  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2

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Now if you want you can select one and feedback on the photos would be appreciated


Here it is for both edited pics

Well Photo one wins and I have it up on yt as a premiere rn Il create a topic on the day it plays anyways Thank you all for the voting Fun Fact The Day number Im born on is 30 and there’s 30 voters

Here’s the vid I would appreciate if you guys could give feedback


How do you set the camera to this angle? Do you use the exterior 1 or 2 drone?

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I used Free Cam

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