Which next generation jet is your favorite?

Not trying to start a fight, please don’t, just wanted to see
Note: I know these planes fall into different sizes. This is not which plane is the most economically viable, just which one you like the best

  • Boeing 787 Family
  • Airbus A350 Family
  • Bombardier C-Series
  • Embraer E-Jet E2 Series
  • Boeing 737 MAX Family
  • Airbus A320 NEO Family

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Boeing 737 MAX for sure. Just take a look at those engines…



None of those. I’m looking more forward to this baby!



Didn’t even know that was a thing. Would love to fly on it though

Sorry, but A350 for the win ;)





CSeries!! So glad they won that dispute against Boeing, I can’t wait to see this beautiful innovative bird in the Delta Livery!

However for a bigger plane, I would have to agree with @George 😉


I have to say 787, in IF, engines are so nice! I also like the wing flex and all the liveries!image

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Definitely the MAX family. I love small aircraft, and NG aircraft as well. Best of both worlds for me!


Either the Max or the Dreamliner.

Well, maybe A350 or MC-21

The Max family are just boring redesigns of the same aircraft. The winglets look ridiculous and the only nice thing is the fan blades. C-Series all the way.


definitely the Bombardier CS 300 Series & COMAC C919

The first aircraft manufacturer of southeast Asia

Is it just me or does the C919 look like a 787 and A320 had a kid


Tough decision but Imma have to go with C-Serise! It is way more fuel efficient than the 737-MAX family and can do so much more which is one reason I like it! 😉

The E2 Embraer is attractive with his designer and modern motors of the generation.AeroJota_Embraer_E_190_E-2


Lol great sense of humour😂👏👏

TBH it looks like those wings can barely support those giant engines. Still love the E-2, but 737MAX series all the way.

I am looking forward to most of those listed. I am a huge fanboy of Airbus so the a320neo is exciting, however I also love the new C300. The B737Max and the Embraer also look promising. I am excited for the future of aviation.

It totally does tho. Doesn’t it?

Bombardier CS 100/300
Definitely!!! :)