Which new aircraft for the next update

May be infinite flight should request a vote to the community to choose the new aircraft. Tell me in the comments which aircraft you want to see on infinite flight.

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They are reworking the 777 family first

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They only have 4 Airbus Aircrafts to update👍

Airbus A330, A330F, A340, A380


They are working on the 777 family, maybe new aircrafts, also they are working on clouds and 3D buildings

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And to be honest, some airports have confusing taxiway diagrams. But they really did a great job👍

They still have the rest of the 777 family to do as well as the A350-1000

Sheesh, 1 day into the new update and we’re already speculating on the next one?


obviously, we are very greedy and we always need more.


There are no plans for such 🙃

Right up next should be any of the remaining B777s.

However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There’s plenty to do in the sim. We just got an update less than 24 hours ago!

I could’ve sworn when they said only the -900 was being released that the -1000 was coming later, but I may be mistaken

From Jason:

So far there are no plans.

Objectively (ie A350 fanatics, try to see all angles), spending time on a new model (because only some of the current one can be used to build the -1000 due to its different length) would be seen to fans of other airplanes as a huge waste. As others have pointed out, there would be very few liveries to add anyway.

This could change in the future when the -1000 is more ubiquitous but in my non-developer mind, it’s not super likely.


I stand corrected :)

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We really need a new turboprop plane

We need a new turboprop or multi engine GA plane

Planes that need to be reworked first is
FA-18 and C-17 Globemaster
These planes must be reworked as a first priority because of the really bad graphics and flight handling. The planes have horrible flight control.

Boeing 757
Boeing 767
Could also use a rework but flies better then the first two planes.


We can agree that most of the current airplanes in IF need a rework, and it will happen eventually. Let’s also hope that now that the 777-200ER is reworked, it’ll be easier and quicker to rework the rest of the 777 family. But then again I’m not a Developer and I’m not sure how it works, so I don’t know if it’ll be easier now or take less time or not. We’ll find out eventually!

Anyone have any idea what 777 there doing next?

I have a hunch it’s the 200LR, but future sneak peeks will tell.

It would make the most sense because it is closest to the 777-200ER variant. But we don’t know yet, they could surprise us all!