Which Mode do you use on your Camera?


So this is something I’ve been wanting to know for a while. What mode do you all use for spotting? I personally use Program mode.


Manual all the way.
And I shoot in RAW unless my SD card is low on space.


Same here. Manual + RAW is what I’ve been using. Large files, but produces the best images imo.


Make it 3
I do Manual+RAW too
I also use AV


Nope that’s four. Manual + Raw (uncompressed 14 bit)


I use my phone. Is that bad? 😉
It can zoom!


Manual + RAW. Let’s you control of your camera and works better in post.


Usually Manual and Raw. If you are worried about the large file size, buy a hard-drive. Mine is 512gb. Plenty of space.


Manual and JPEG so I can transfer them quicker.
I also use AF on wide angles so I don’t mess everything up.


I usually put it on sport mode and then RAW for as much as possible (which is about 320 photos per SD card sadly)


How large is your SD card?


My card is 8 GB large


I’d recommend buying one that’s 64gb or more. They can be found on Amazon for like $20


Yes, and going along with what @GaplessHiding, you want a fast write speed particularly if you have a higher end or action oriented body. Click here for the one I use, it handles writing uncompressed raw files to the card like it’s nothing.


Nice, same card that I use. Class 10 really comes in handy


I used to use Auto, but now I use Manual, much more reliable. I also shoot in RAW+JPG