Which major cargo airline is your favourite ?

I say UPS mainly because in the U.K. They are the courier with the best service and the delivery vehicles along with its plane liveries look amazing.


Same I love that they stayed with the classics

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I have a large scale model of a UPS 737 from Gemini Jets, I do love their aircraft as well.

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They stayed with the classics because its cheaper 😂, there is no other reason for it. They would immediately switch them for other newer aircraft if they weren’t cheaper

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Well actually it is costing them more. Because it costs a lot to repair 2 engines but with 3 it makes it more expensive. And also the Md11 and dc10 use a lot more gasoline then an 777. So yeah if they wanted to be cheap they would only use a 777

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Your not understanding these planes they are buying would have gone to scrap that means they are far cheaper. Yes older aircraft cost more to maintain but they buy them at crazy prices because there is no othe use for them

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You have a point there

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FedEx all the way!

Wow 31 voters

Hehe I’m the only DHL voter , it is remind me of the recent " which aircraft do you want made first poll" all over again…

I was just reading your comment when it got edited I was like “wat”

What aircraft did you vote for?

Yeah i know , it is late i should really go to bed ! Haha

I voted for DHL , I account for 3 % of the poll!

I meant the aircraft poll

Ha that just proves my point i should go to bed !

I voted for the A350 , but i think you may have voted for the MD11/DC10, am i correct ?

100% correct 😂

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I should probably go to bed too Ive been awake since 5:40am

I remember them calling the dc-10 DeathCruiser-10
It just made me laugh because it kind of fit the plane because of its history 😂

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😂😂😂😂😂😂 you r right the history is quite scary

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