Which livery is better: United "Battleship Grey" or United-Continental?

  • United “Battleship Grey”.
  • United-Continental.

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Personally, I like the Battleship Grey livery, looks better than the dull one of United-Continental.


Battleship!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸


The Battleship grey was so much better on the 777s and 747 while United-Continental just looks great on everything else


Although the battleship grey looks cool, its just way to outdated…


I don’t like the united continental livery. IMO I think the blue livery looks the best.

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The United Continental is a very conventional livery, used by every airline, but the Battleship Grey could not be mistaken for another airline.

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As I remember the Battle ship livery, the Tulip livery, and now the Continental livery. I love both because I really couldn’t choose.

Everything you said in your comment is just wrong…

In the 90s, battleship grey was considered very conventional. How is continental’s livery used by every other airline? They all have different designs…

And I’m pretty sure if you looked at any other livery in the sky, you can tell what airline it is by a glance…


There are a few liveries that just need to die UA/CO is one of them


That last part is true!

I can tell a airline at 7,000 ft!


Anyways, I think Continental wins. Much more bright and lively. The grey livery is just too dark of a gray for me which makes it look dull. TBH, battleship grey only looks good on 777s and 747s.


My opinion.

Mostly white.

No need to be so angry about an opinion.

Continental just looks cleaner and more modern

Although I love that grey on Battle Ship grey!

why can’t we have both

You can’t tell anger over the Internet unless I’m obviously using caps and lots of exclamation points.

I’m not mad, I’m just giving feedback on your opinion with my own opinion. Which is how civilized arguments start. :)


I’ll appreciate you both to calm down😬😉…both liveries are great but I rather fly in the battleship livery than the current one.

i don’t like united continental either, well maybe the 787 is good

I wish United stayed with tulip livery and battleship grey. I don’t really like the United continental livery.

True. Most airlines have mostly white like delta, British airways, Japan airlines, I like the solid colors like southwest and spirit

you mean mustard airlines (yellow) with burnt ashes (black writing)

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I think the second one is more modern, it’s what United needs right now.

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