Which livery are you looking to seeing in the real world the most

I’ve searched and searched and searched and I haven’t found anything quite like the topic I’m making but I could have overlooked it based on the amount of ways a topic like this can be phrased.

The question I’m asking is this:

Out of all aircraft orders which livery are you looking forward to seeing most? As I haven’t explained my question well I’ll give you an example, Uzbekistan have ordered 787s, the Uzbekistan 787 is the livery I’m looking forward to most.

(No polls please)


Air Canada Express (Jazz) CRJ-200!
Owe wait is this only for the 787?

This isn’t about IF, I’m talking about the real world orders, by the way Air Canada Jazz already has a CRJ 200.


Thai Airways on 787 but I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen :( and in real life probably Nok air on 787 as well :P

I’ll try to explain it better, Aer Lingus has ordered they haven’t been painted yet but they are going to receive them, I am looking forward to seeing their livery on the a350, using that as an example what are you looking forward to seeing.

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I am excited for the Delta A350 and the B787


I’m waiting for the AAL A359 to come out.


I clearly misunderstood your question XD

Air Koryo Antonov An-225 Mriya


New AA livery MD-11 :P

American Airlines 737 MAX!

Etihad 787.

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Thai Airways Airbus A350-900

Finnair A350

Virgin A350, BA A350 and Ryanair 737max


747-400 EL AL Hope very much And EL AL Boeing 787-9 and 787-9 Arkia

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Hahaha… Good one! ;D

Just reminding everyone this is an RWA topic, it’s not about what livery you look forward to seeing in IF, it’s about what livery you look forward to seeing in the real world once the order form the airline is fulfilled and the aircraft is painted in that airlines colours.

The pride of Africa” 787,777-300ER ✈

SAS A350, Braathens CS100.

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