Which Joystick should i get?

I want to get a joystick to improve my IF game-play and this is just a poll to see which you guys suggest to me.

Logitech extreme 3D
Cheapest but doesn’t have a separate throttle control.

Thrustmaster T-flight hotas X
only £2 more but has a separate throttle control.

  • Logitech
  • Thrustmaster

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Thrustmaster. I ordered the HOTAS X off Amazon today :)


I have the hotasX. It’s the greatest thing I own!

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If you live in the uk ARGOS has it £20 cheaper than amazon

Thanks for the help

I use the Logitech but with my setup and where I play I just don’t have space for a separate throttle control so it makes more sense for me to have the one I have which doesn’t have the separate throttle control

Thanks for the help, this is one of the problems with the thrustmaster

Yes. I did plan on purchasing the thrustmaster but when I looked online to see how big it was I was like “ummmm, no way”. Just keep that in mind when buying

The thrustmaster was my choice because I liked the idea of the separate throttle, and I have a lot of free space on my desk :)

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