Which joystick should I buy for Infinite flight?

Hey guys, I am planning to buy a joystick on Black Friday, any recommendations for which joystick to buy?

Logitech 3D Pro is one of the most popular.

Also here you will find a tutorial:


I really like the Thrustmaster HOTAS X. Very well priced, lots of buttons in comfortable positions and it works with live flight connect.


VKBSim Gladiator Mk. II. By far the sleekest stick you’ll find. They range in price from $100 to $350

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And where should I buy to get them for the cheapest price on Black Friday?

I’d definetly reccomend the Thrustmaster T1600M. It’s well and moderately priced and I know you can also buy the version with just the joystick and not the throttle if you’re looking for something cheaper (don’t worry, the joystick has a little slider at the bottom which can be used for the throttle). Also, you don’t have to worry about buying any of the rudder pedals if you don’t want to as the T1600M joystick is twistable, acting as a fully functional rudder. Overall the joystick just feels really realistic and has close to no lag with infinite flight.

It will be more of an economical investment than joysticks like the Logitech 3D pro, but I feel that in the long term, the joystick really outlives it’s price. However, if you’re looking for something extremely basic and cheap, the Logitech 3D Pro would be a good option.

I also linked a good Youtube Review below which covers all the main features and has a bit of gameplay.

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I search too a joystick, but a mobile tiny one to carry it with me, i have a flight vr game on my s9 and used this samsung-gear-vr-controller-black-et-yo324%2Cart%2C9189%2Cd0_l its incredible realistic, but nobody figured out to bring this awsome tiny device to work on if. If someone knows a really tiny joystick pls let me know

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You use this with LiveFlight Connect or do you go directly into your android device?

I’m quite sure you can use it directly with an android device if you have the correct adapter. If not, it runs perfectly on Liveflight for both android or apple.


I was just curious. I’m an IOS guy so I have to use LFC. That’s a very slick joystick. Might be an upgrade for me in the future

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Does anyone use the Cyborg F.L.Y. 5? Assume it works

I was looking into getting the T16000M HOTAS for IF.

Do the separate USB connections for Stick & Throttle have any problems connecting to LiveFlight on Mac?

Thanks for your help!

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