Which joystick is the most compatible with Infinite Flight?

Hello community,
I purchased the thrustmaster T flight, and it was a great controller. The only issue was that it was difficult to set it up with infinite flight each time I wanted to use it. I am not asking for which joystick will be best for infinite flight, I am asking which one will be the most compatible and easy to use when playing.

Which operating system do you use for Infinite Flight? If it is iOS, then the only way as far as I am aware to connect a joystick is via LiveFlight connect - which can prove difficult to use for some, but as the only way, is necessary for all joysticks, no matter make or model.

If you’re using android, that’s likely a different story, and one that I am not so much accustomed to.

I am on iOS. Your basically saying that every joystick will be difficult no matter the type?

For initially connecting to Infinite Flight, yes, as apple does not allow for direct connections due to restrictions by apple. You have to use the same ‘LiveFlight Connect’ method every time, as far as I am aware.

Joysticks cannot be plugged into iOS devices due to restrictions by Apple.

(From a post by Laura).

If you’re talking about user experience and interaction with the joystick itself, then that’s a different matter however.

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That’s alll I needed to know. Thanks for the help!

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No problem! I used this thread for reference, and could be useful to you too.

I’m not sure whether there are some solely Bluetooth joysticks on the market that could work differently, however the LiveFlight connect method is the only method listed for connecting to iOS devices in the thread above.

Thrustmaster and Saitek are the obvious choices

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