Which is your favourite GA aircraft

Excluding IF, which js your favourite General Aviation Aircraft ?


Prob the TBM930


@Airliner x2

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C172 if I am flying over some scenery or just VFR flights, TBM for patterns

C172 is mine

The DA-62 is my dream aircraft

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C172 or a Commanche 6

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In real life, my favorite has to be either the Piper J3 Cub or Piper Navajo.

In IF, it’s the XCub.

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TBM930 all the way

It’s just a fast plane and I like flying GA with it.

In IF I am between the C172 and the X-Cub

DR400 definitely

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Piper Cheyenne 400ls!!

C208 or the SR22 hands down


DA40 / DA42
Vans RV-8

IF: C208, SR22

IRL: C206, SR20, C177


Well you see if I had to pick any aircraft it would have to be the C152. Such a classic!

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Someone knows whats up!

Good choices my guy!

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It’s not in the game, but the Beechcraft King/Queen air. But in the game probably the Cessna 172.

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  1. Very simple and easy to fly. Great for just going for a casual spin in the skies

My Personal Favourite is the Beechcraft King Air 350i