Which is the WORST airline in your opinion?

Everyone has there own opinion! But me personally I’ve never had a problem with them and I like it that way :)


I’ve herd Ryanair is pretty bad but I can all so say some of these Asian airlines arnt to good either and as well have bad safety rating


I don’t know why people think spirit is bad, I have flown Spirit many times and never had a problem with it.

Alliance Airlines. Worst in my opinion. The Fokker 100 I was on that day was shaking, the lavatory was HIDEOUS and service was not so welcoming.

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Never hated any airline.

Edited title from “airliner” to “airline”.

There’s a difference between the two

I hate The Us Airways flight i was on i was rather unlucky

I wouldn’t say that.

You thinking of the Asian LCCs?

Asian airlines generally have an OK safety rating.

KE was horrible but they really turned themselves around.
Don’t let freak accidents like JAL 123 and CI 6 scare you. Flying the flag carriers is perfectly safe-Singapore, China Airlines, JAL, ANA, Korean, Thai International…

What is not safe however is flying the obscure 737-400 operators flying out of southeast and southern asian nations that are banned from flying in the EU (Easily googlable). If they don’t meet EU regulations, then it’s likely not safe.

And while we’re on the topic, fly those obscure Yak-40, Tu-154 operators only for the avgeek fun. From what I’ve read, the planes could really use some work.

Even know Malaysian airlines is probably OK. I would still be scared out of my life to go on one of their planes!! :S

I’ve been on one of their A388 to London Heathrow… It seemed safe to me.

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Yeah but I just would find it scary. I know it’s safe but still :P

I know where you’re coming from…

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Yeep. I mean, if I was forced to fly on a MA plane, I would be hesitant and then probs do it. but before I’d be scared idk how to explain :?

@jooeball yeah. But what I mean is we don’t know what happened to MH370, except it’s probably near Reunion Island. And MH17 was shot down by a missile by the Pro Russians. MH17 was an intentional act. But we dot know about MH370… Yet!


Yeah but that could be a problem with malaysian airlines’ recruiting process :?

@jooeball Hmm… I see.

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These are the things that run through my head oh god I need to get sorted out don’t I?

@jooeball I think you may need to stop watching Air Crash Investigations (if you do) that may cause the problem.

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grr. how do you know? I binge watch that crap!!

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I would also put Jet2.com on the list of the worst

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