Which is the perfect landing speed for a 747 in IF.

I am not getting it correctly. Also how do u manage to steer it?

Landing speed is ~135 knots.

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Vref+5+ 1/2 of the crosswind component :)

Normally Vref would be taken from your FMC, which doesn’t work in IF, but should be about 130-135 in the narrow body jets. It’s all based on the landing weigh and runway length.

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Can u tell it bit more easier. Because i have no idea what you said

All airplanes have V speeds. They are velocities at which you should or should not do something. V1 is the speed above which you cannot abort a takeoff. V2 is the speed at which you can take off with one engine safely. Vref is the reference landing speed. It is (slightly) different for all aircraft and all configurations. In my Cessna 172, with me in it, Vref is about 63 knots. In an A320, Vref is usually about 130-135, but can be higher based on the weight of the aircraft. It changes based on load, and is calculated by the FMC.

Here is a bit more on V speeds: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/V_speeds#VREF

One of the shorthand ways to calculate Vref is to take your Vso (stall speed in landing configuration) and multiply it by 1.3. So if your Vso is 110, then your Vref would be 143 knots.

In easy words it would be around 150 knts flaps full if your aircraft weight is 50 to 75 percent…thts wat i do and i dont use any trim

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