Which is the correct category for a formation flight?

Hello,I don’t know if I’m in the right place to make this feature, I’m looking for anyone to do a formation flight with me.

Hey there!

Creating a topic in the #live:groupflights category is the right way to go! Make sure you follow the category rules. :)

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hey man pm me

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its me EDITS

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Oh okay, wait a min

Use #live:groupflights if it is a flight within 3 hours of when you post and there are no organized gate assigning. This is more of a “Hey come fly with me” activity.

Use #live:events for a more organized even scheduled into the future. This is more of a “Ok lets all plan to meet next Saturday at noon and take up terminal D at DFW. See the topic for flight plan details”

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just wanna say that . thanks

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