Which is the best Boeing?

Guys i have 10EUR and i dont know what boeing the buy because they are 3 who I wanna buy is be: 787-8, 787-9, 787-10

It really depends on what you are looking for. The liveries, the length since each one is a different length, etc


Personally, I like flying the -8 the best

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Pick the on with liveries you like, but the -8 is the easiest and -10 the hardest. PS it’s which not who

Lemme help. Which is the best 787?

  • 787-8
  • 787-9
  • 787-10

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i suggest the 789 despite the 788 being my favorite.

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It depends on which plane you like the best, but the 787-9 has many liveries.

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  1. They’re not people
  2. I’d recommend the 787-9
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These should help. Thanks!


I need know who ia the bigger and fastest?


This site should help you determine the 787 performances.

I recommend the 787-9. It has the most liveries. And the best in my opinion.

What would be best is to save up and buy Live+. Then you would have all of them.

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First of all, they all fly the same speed. Second, bigger is never better. Rather than asking us which one to buy, it’s your money, and you buy the one that YOU want. Dilemma solved…


I personally love the B787-8 all the liveries look amazing, the physics are very realistic, honestly I just love it! I highly recommend you get the B787-8.

I admire the composite wings, vertical and horizontal stabilizers of the 787 family. High fuel efficiency and longer routes. Less refueling. And if I was rich I would make an Airforce one 787-10 that can’t be stopped… equipped with the death ray for the incoming missles. Long live the 787-10.

Planecrazy you just gave me a great idea!! Which is I should’ve saved my $47 bucks till I found 2 more bucks for live+. But now it’s late for that cause I bought irrelevant Apps and I feel stupid. Really stupid. Lol

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The -8 or the -9. The -10 only just came out, and looks like a pencil IMO.

In terms of liveries, the 787-8 (18) has the most, followed by the -9 (17) and -10 (suspiciously little)

If I didn’t have Live+, I’d buy the 787-9.

Here is a solution, buy live plus and dont have to worry about which planes to buy, and by the way get the planes with the most liveries, so the 787-9, if you have the money get live+, if not get whatever you want, you dont have to get whatever people tell you to get, get whatever you want.

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I prefer the 787-8. It has more liveries, and for some reason I just like short 787s.