Which is nonstop virtual website

There are web sites I don’t know which one is the one

First one https://nonstop-virtual.webflow.io/ other one NonStop Virtual || NonStop Virtual

I am not sure if NSV has an official website at the moment. The VA is undergoing a complete restructuring so they probably don’t have an official at the moment. To my knowledge this website was the official website before restructuring.

Have you tried messaging an NSV staff member on the IFC? They should be able to help you.

my guess is the second one because of the photo, it’s an A350, a “recent” addition to IF (dec. 2019) compared to the a330 of the other one

Hi there, the official website is the following one according to their tracking thread and IFC profile. Hope that helps!

Website: https://nonstop-virtual.webflow.io/

You don’t need to have a staff member involved in this.

My apologies. I thought you meant an Infinite Flight staff member :)

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The current NSV website has been taken offline according to the CEO as they are restructuring, but it seems to be working

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