Which is More Efficient? (Airport Layouts)

By the trend in airports right now. Option 1/3 is the most efficient.

We can see many airports converting into this layout. (Doha, new AUH, new MUS, DEL, KUL, SIN, etc.)


the questions isnt about airspace its about airport layouts.

Excellent point.
How you use runways (for example landings/ takeoff only on a certain runway, mixed mode on both etc) is a huge part of easing congestion and making the most of the airport layout.

You can have the layout down to an art, but if the traffic flow management is screwed up then it all goes to waste.

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The airspace restrictions of an airport can directly affect the efficiency. It really depends on who you ask, a lot of large airports run on option 1 and 3, but their volume per runway vary wildly, that’s because of airspace restrictions.

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Our airport layout is derived from RCTP

When Terminal 5 is built, it will resemble VHHH. A lot.

There are airports which have the terminals outside of all the runways. (Toronto-Pearson, and Boston-Logan are good examples)

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For Me, Option 1 and 3 (like @dush19 stated) is a better choice, It’s easier to manage planes and It’s easy to find the parking (Which means short taxi period like @Nick_Catalano said). And Currently used on Many Airports around the world (CGK, SIN, KUL, BKK, HKG, HND, AUH, DOH and many more)

@NatIsrael972 Don’t forget OTBD ;) Changi’s T5 will be the biggest on Asia IIRC

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