Which is it: "Flying Development Studio LLC" or "Infinite Flight LLC"?

[EDIT - 3 Nov 2018: It appears that FDS has officially changed their name to “Infinite Flight LLC”.]

Original post:
This is just a random question, but is the company called Flying Development Studio LLC or Infinite Flight LLC?

In the App Store, the company is listed as “Infinite Flight LLC” (https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/infinite-flight-llc/id471341994), but the legal section of infiniteflight.com (https://infiniteflight.com/legal/terms/), the company is listed as being named as “Flying Development Studio LLC”.

So do the website terms just need to be updated, or is the name still FDS?

I believe it’s FDS LLC

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It Flying Development Studio LLC.

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I think same as what diamond said^

Philippe told me they changed it officially to Infinite Flight LLC, As it has become their absolute main focus now


When did Philippe told you?

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Oh, two days ago. Alright, the company name is now Infinite Flight LLC


It is indeed Infinite Flight LLC.