Which is better?

What’s better?

  • 757
  • a320

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Any newer plane is almost always better.


Well, it depends. Are you talking about Infinite Flight (I presume you are as this is in #general) or the real world?

Infinite flight

A320. Cooler plane.

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A320, just because it is in production and has better technology.

I like the 752

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757 is nice, it will be great when it gets an update.

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Both aircraft excel in their own aspects. As you probably know, the A320 is the newer of the two.

The Airbus A320 wasn’t released too long ago. The modeling is great and the physics are fantastic. It flies just like it would in the real world. The A320 also features cabin lights, which is not featured on the Boeing 757-200.

The Boeing 757-200 has an older flight model, which leads to worse physics. The cockpit isn’t the best - but it’s not terrible either.

If you enjoy flying long routes, the 757-200 is the way to go. It’ll get updated, eventually. The A320 is for the shorter routes. Take note that the A320 will probably get updated later than the 757 because it’s newer.

You might also want to take a look at these. :)

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I’m aware. :) However, global flight is coming, so…

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