Which is better? Training or expert?

Just wanted to know which one you prefer and why, I’ve tried both of them, just want to hear your opinions. Thank you.

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They’re the same In my opinion, years ago Expert server was professional now it’s not


How do you mean professional? More strict? Personally i like both but if training server had slightly good enough ATC, it would be better imo. Wish there would be more destinations for expert

Expert Server use to be really good, and full of professional pilots.

Now, pilots can reach Grade 3 and gain access to the Expert Server fairly easy, with little work.

They are both the same now, but when flying on the Expert Server, I try and stick to airports that have active IFATC as the airspace is controlled.

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With Training Server you got both the good and less good. Those who are training to become better and those who already have mastered the art of flying and controlling as ATC. A little bit, beat of both worlds really. The ones that know how to utilize ATC, those who can fly flawlessly but then there are those who likes to have fun and tend to ruin the experience for others.

Those exist in Expert too but at a minimal amount. As in Expert you get access to a world full of mostly professional pilot with plenty of hours behind the belt who has been flying for a long long time and has gotten the grip of flying plus with the addition of IFATC a team of professional ATC, you are bound to have a experience like never before.

I myself tend to always fly on Expert Server. It may not be the best, it may not be free from trolls or other dilemmas… (It took a dip downhill at some-point in time…) it is still ahead of Training and a place where the those who takes things more seriously are.

Both Servers have their up and downs, I prefer Expert mainly because it is where I get to interact with people from IFC, experience IFATC service and fly among those who wants a more realistic scenario as they fly ✈️


I prefer professional flying conditions on expert, mostly because it gives you a better flying experience than training. On training there are way too much trolling and bad quality atc, while on expert we have IFATC who is very good at what they do

My choice would fall on expert then, but it is really what you are comfortable with, since many are scared to go on expert because they think they will be ghosted

I’d rather fly on expert instead of training

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In training, some ATC spam too much which is very annoying. The thing i like about expert is giving me radar vectors, feel very real. But have to be more careful in those severs, been reported 3 times, due to silly mistakes.

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When there is no ifatc then there is no difference between the two servers. However when there is ifatc it is professional as ifatc have the power to ghost individuals.

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What ? Expert server is full of pro pilots ? Come on man i see lot of guys they are using the strobe lights on the taxiway hahaha and not only this. Some people’s are using „Super“ for an 777 and heavy for an a380 sorry but Expert Server is die ! I miss the old exp server

@Harun_Koyuncu He said “used to be”. Now it’s just a slightly better version of TS. :)

Yeah, I said ‘use to be’, which means previously.

Expert server has never been perfect.

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