Which is better for IF? Note 8 or Galaxy S8?

I’m trying to get the best performance with the best FPS with highest graphics. Which is better for performance on IF? I’m thinking Note 8, but is it sure?

Really no need for this topic. Only thing I can suggest to you is this

The two phones are pretty much have the same features, so just go with the phone that you think is best for your interest.

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As an owner of both devices, I highly suggest that you go for the Note 8.
The hardware of the two devices are extremely similar but the one thing that gives the Note 8 an advantage over the Galaxy S8 is the RAM. The Galaxy S8 carries 4 GB of ram while the Note 8 carries 6 GB. Ram will be essential for Infinite Flight now as a result of the update. Many people think that the extra 2 GB of ram doesn’t really impact the device that much but there are several benchmarks that show that the Note 8, in fact, outperforms the Galaxy S8 as a result of the ram differences.

(Source: https://www.tomsguide.com/us/galaxy-note-8-vs-galaxy-s8,news-25491.html)

This is the Geekbench scores for U.S models comparing the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8 (higher value is better)
Samsung SM-N950U is the Galaxy Note 8

(Source: http://www.redmondpie.com/iphone-x-vs-galaxy-note-8-vs-galaxy-s8-benchmarks-comparison/)

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I suggest the Note 8, as it has better capacity to keep the app running smoothly

iPhone 8 Plus

There is no question about it

Note 8

That wasn’t an option. It was the note 8 or the s8 :)

U can even enjoy the best graphics and the best performance on S8, is also a best smartphone in market now availavle

Simple - Buy a New phone

CPU and GPU are exactly the same in both Note 8 and S8, (US:- SD 835) (INTERNATIONAL:- EXYNOS 8895) Both of them are amazing!
Now it depends on what do you want, if you want sleek small device or inexpensive one then go S8, if you want the SPen, 2 extra GB of ram (S8/+ 4GB; Note 8:- 6GB) and the amazing camera then Note 8!

Note 8 for sure. The stylus is incredibly convenient for controlling and practically eliminates “fat finger syndrome”

It’s one of the many reasons I love my note 5

Thanks, everyone! Definitely getting the Note 8 since it’s a deal on T-MOBILE right now for the same price as the S8. Wish you all happy holidays!!

Hi there as a owner of the samsung galaxy s8, I can tell you that game play is awesome but if you want the best performance in gaming buy a oneplus 5 or 5t.

What has the world come to now haha everyone worrying about phone specs to know if it is good enough for gaming. I chose a 6s Plus and have been satisfied since and tbh, I wouldn’t really look into the specs as by the looks of it, they both share similar hardware. In the future say when Infinite Flight has 3D buildings and optimised the Global scenery, then I would choose the one with the best gaming hardware however for now, I would choose the phone which suits your needs, not the one which will give you the best gaming performance because after all it is just a phone. But I don’t have any personal experience with phone hardware as I am more of a PC enthusiast so just go with whatever you want. If a 6s Plus can run all settings cranked to the max at a smooth 55/60fps, then I’m sure either one will do the trick. Happy Holidays!!!