Which is better for IF? ios or android?

Recently my Galaxy A21s got crashed while I was playing IF, believe me it was a complete disaster.
I’m planning on to buy a new mobile for both IF gaming and regular use. I have considered two mobiles under my budget.

  1. iPhone 11 - 4gb ram, 64gb rom
  2. One Plus Nord 2 CE - 8gb ram, 128gb rom

@schyllberg dude you helped me figure out my App crashing issue, Now pls help me with this.
Thanks in advance.

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For me personally IOS is better :/


Should run on either just fine, based on the specs. I think it boils down to personal preference


There’s no “correct” answer to this.
I personally prefer iOS for several reasons with many of them being strictly personal (I use an Apple Watch, Apple TV, iPad… i like CarPlay better than Android Auto etc), but there’s several positives with Android too.

You can’t really look at the raw hardware specs either, since iOS have a completely different RAM management than Android do. So a device with 4GB on iOS, roughly performs the same as an 8GB Android in terms of memory management.



Nah apple is probably the best.

Personal bias aside, I’d personally recommend the OnePlus, since it’s a newer device with newer hardware - the OnePlus was released in 2022, whereas the iPhone was released in 2019. It does come down to your own personal preference though, at the end of the day - if you prefer iOS devices, then opting for the iPhone would be the obvious choice. Asking 1000 different people would give you 1000 different answers.

Based solely on my own observations, though, iOS devices are more prone to app crashes due to a certain memory caveat - iOS has a memory feature baked in that kills any apps exceeding a certain threshold of RAM. That may be a dealbreaker for you.

Something I can highly recommend is reading/watching reviews of both online and make up your own conclusion, before purchasing either of these devices.

Make of that what you will, but as Schyllberg said above, there’s no correct answer to this, really.

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Apple definitely, i just bought iPhone 14 pro 128gb and i used like 15gb with everything but if you get 128gb on an Android (i had it before so i know) the moment you get it you used like 40gb of storage cause Android stuff takes a lot of space. And, to talk about IF. For me its kinda smoother on IOS (I have an iPad so its not really fair but its like that) so yea for me IPhone

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you do proper research instead of copying off a “comparison site”.

The OnePlus may be newer, but the iPhone 11 is substantially more powerful. I wouldn’t go anywhere near any devices that run mediatek processors. They are vastly underpowered and prone to performance issues. It’s a well known fact that iPhones remain powerful and up to date for years. I don’t normally side with Apple, but even I can’t deny how good they are for performance.

The current crashing issues seem to be affecting devices with 4gb or less ram, which is true of all recent iPhones bar the 14.

As mentioned by several above, you need to evaluate this from a personal standpoint. You mentioned that you currently have a Samsung phone, why not look at a S20/ S20FE, both of which should be available for similar prices to the iPhone 11, or even the Pixel 6a?

You could also look at other iPhone models, such as the XR and 12 if you can find them within budget.

Don’t buy a device purely for it’s performance within IF unless that’s all you plan to use it for. You also need to consider how the device will be to live with, whether you like the software, if it has features you like or need.


wont recommend the basic 12 for IF :)

You can’t go wrong with newer Apple devices. I also heard OnePlus has fallen off a bit quality-wise lately, so maybe other brands like Samsung, Xiaomi or others might be worth being looked at


I have an iPhone Xs 256gb as my primary IF device, and have never experienced a crash in the 10 months I’ve been playing online. This may be due to rather infrequent flights and mostly flying at relatively empty airports though. My Xs gives me a stable fps and is also rather affordable at the moment. I probably am biased, as I’ve had an Apple devices for most of my life. Also, along the lines of what @Dan_77 said, take a look at some benchmark tests for the devices you are looking at buying, just search up geekbench (device name) scores and have a look. It’s a fairly reliable thing to go by, however, in the end it all comes down to personal preference.

I’ve got a 7th gen ipad, which works absolutely superbly, the only hitch is the battery, I have never played IF on my ipad without it charging (it’s a third party charger which aint as good as apples charger).
I’ve also got a Samsung S7 phone, which I can play without a charger, but I do just to be safe. I mostly just use my ipad for the bigger screen and generally better performance (at 30FPS it’s still smooth), while on my S7 I use 60FPS because 30FPS isn’t smooth at all.

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“Create a problem and sell the solution.” - Apple


I prefer Ipad.

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Are you buying a used iPhone 11? Those are very odd choices to be split between on a budget. Infinite Flight is at its best on a tablet, so I’d recommend looking at those instead of a phone. And as far as tablets go, I think iPad is pretty much the go to. I know that the higher end Galaxy tablets are very good, but you’d have to see how their specs compare because the newer A chips from Apple and especially the M1 are insane.
Android and iOS don’t really make much of a difference. It’s just the hardware in the device. As long as you do your research and compare, you’re good to go.

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I dont know why… But Samsung S21 ultra with 16gb ram making IF runs only 45-50 fps… (all ultra)
Maybe @schyllberg know answer for that question? (Is there any optimization for S21U?)

I think thats not the option for him cause he said that he is looking for a device for regular use and i dont think that going to school for example with and iPad is a great choice lol

If you’re really really into IF and plan to play it for the long run, I’d suggest getting an iPad Pro or even just an iPad (7th Gen).

The performance is unmatched and it gives you plenty of time to do long haul flights without fear of crashing or losing frame rate.

In general always have your Anti-Aliasing set to lowest and Low Power mode on, as it saves performance and battery. graphics on iPad can be set to high and you won’t even have visible frame drops.

Otherwise if you’re getting a phone to play IF, ensure that it isn’t going to be your main workhorse for day to day usage since it’s gonna be tough on performance load, and eventually you will end up with crashes and drops in frame rate.

Conclusion: If you plan on playing long term IF, invest your money for a decent ipad. Otherwise just get whatever you can afford at the moment, but please do not go for an iPhone if you just want to play infinite flight. ( Use it for your main workhorse phone for day to day usage, it serves the purpose better + value for your money.)

I personally prefer Android. To me it has a nice and simple operating system. But my girlfriend really hates Android, she loves her iPhone. So I think it is a personal preference.

Not at all. You should never use geekbench scores as an indication of full performance. The tests conducted for those scores are very specific and not typically something that people do in the day to day life. They also do not test the graphics processing unit, which in a game like IF, is very important.

Read people.