Which is better for Business class to India?

  • Emirates
  • Etihad
  • Qatar
  • Gulf Air
  • Srilankan Airlines

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Which should i book in next year or so.

So umm Emirates is leading.

Emirates is leading only by a landslide 🙄

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Definitely Emirates!


According to Skytrax, Qatar is second but Emirates isn’t even on the list however I feel as if the Emirates one has more space from looking at pictures

I have been to India (Delhi) by Emirates countless times. I go by economy but i have seen the business class seats. They are truly a thing of their own. Any class on Emirates is a true masterpiece!

I voted Emirates - but it depends on the aircraft type. For example, the Boeing 777-300ER has a 60-inch seat pitch with 20.5 inches of width, which is decent, however don’t be fooled by the A380. It has just 48 inches of seat pitch (a full 12 less than the 77W) and 18.5 in width (2 less than the 77W). Having said that, compare the 777 to Qatar’s version of the 77W and that has a whopping 78 inches in pitch and 21.8 in width. Shop around wisely is my advice…

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Seat width ain’t everything.

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What about Air India? Greatest airline ever.

No, but what I’m saying is don’t take a worse seat just to fly with Emirates. But, obviously, this depends on prices more than anything.

Are you being serious?, I sincerely hope you aren’t

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He’s being sarcastic


Just wondering as some actually think of it as a good airline

Air India doesn’t fly direct Kuwait to Kerala

You know, #EmiratesForLife

Emirates for ever!

Go Qatar, it is very good
Pss(Emirates Business class in Old 777s(except-200LR) and A330/340s is bad)

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You can either fly Emirates, in a 2-2-2 formation, or a Qatar 1-2-1. What do you think gives you most space? Qatars Business Class Lounge is amazing as well. Go Qatar.

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Air India is a bad airline of a…country…


pls advise