Which iPad?

Hello community, I hope everyone is doing well! I’m currently hesitating to buy an iPad to do my flights, because with an iPhone, It’s not very practical. Which iPad do you use and which would you recommend?

Honestly, it depends on your budget.

  • If you are looking to spend as little money as possible, try and find a good deal for the 9th Gen iPad.

  • If money is no object for you - go with the M2 iPad Pro.

  • If you are somewhere in the middle of that - I would go for the 10th Gen iPad or the iPad Air 5th Gen (I use this and it runs amazingly) and/or if you are looking for a better screen - try and find a good deal on an M1 iPad Pro.

There is such a wide range to choose from that it usually is done based on the individual’s preferences…

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I would go with an iPad Pro 12.9 inch, with an M2 chip!
If price is a concern, the iPad 7th Gen Which is what I use runs perfectly!

I use a 5th Gen iPad Air (M1 chip) and it works flawlessly. Zero complaints performance wise. However, it is a little pricey to just use for IF, so only get it if you other uses for it (I use it for school).


Me personally I use an iPad 10 (256GB) with A14 chip

That cost like $600 dollars

Consider The IPad mini too. Handy device that in my opinion is the best choice in size for IF.

Wow! 3 years since your last post! Welcome back! I suggest anything over 10 inches btw, but anything after 2020 and wider then should be great!

Also use an iPhone SE Gen2 for other times, like on the go. It’s not an iPad, but it’s one of the most powerful apple devices!

I use the iPad Air 4th gen but I’d probably go for the 5th gen

That’s the one I have, and I love it. Not to pricy, but a very recent model. Works very nicely.

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