Which IFATC will be around the U.S region tomorrow?


Quick question. Anybody seeing this please tell me if their is going to be any IFATC controlling any airport in the California region ( North California )

Tomorrow IFATC is in Europe not California. It should be pinned when it comes out

You can always check the pinned IFATC list in the home page and check where ATC will be each day of the week 🙂 https://community.infiniteflight.com/t/atc-schedule-25-31-may-2020/440510

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@tominski @AviatorGamerYT, But I mean is there gonna be any IFATC that aren’t in Europe in Cali?

No the area highlighted in blue is where IFATC will be when California is in a colour that isn’t gray it might have IFATC its up to them where they open in the region but it must be highlighted. The few exceptions are IFATC at home, IFATC around the world and a few that I’m too silly to forget. Also I did think I made it clear there’s no ATC in California but my bad

California is not highlighted blue for tomorrow’s (Saturday’s) schedule. We will be in Europe with a focus on EIDW and EDDM as HUBS.

On top of that, ATC choice is permitted only in the “highlighted regions once all HUBS have been staffed”. Because California is not highlighted whatsoever, there will not be ATC services in California, or in the United States for that matter

Check the schedule here

@Tyler_Shelton pick the schedule, we try and be diverse with the regions keep out on the look out one day maybe your region will be picked.

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