Which IF aircraft have you actually flown on?

And what I mean, is the actual registered aircraft itself. I was up before the sun and the family was sleeping so I decided to go through all the IF aircraft and check them against my FlightDiary. I’ve been keeping records of the aircraft and tail numbers I have flown on as a passenger for decades now, so I thought I was bound to find at least one. Actually there were quite a few.

A319 Delta N328NB KMSO-KSLC 2017
B738 Alaska N546AS KPHX-KSEA 2015
B738 American N803NN KBOS-KDFW 2012
B744 Air India VT-ESM KJFK-EGLL 1996
B789 Virgin G-VNEW EGLL-KSEA 2018
CRJ7 Delta N603SK KSLC-KAUS 2012
CRJ9 Delta N802SK KSLC-KAUS 2014

…and as a bonus, there are two which I have actually flown as a crew member.

CRJ2 Belavia EW-276PJ (Flew it quite a bit when it was registered N698BR)
CRJ7 United N708SK (Interestingly enough, this was my final flight with Skywest before leaving)


For me it’s:

A319 AirBerlin (EDDM-LGTS)
A319 Eurowings (EDDS-LGTS) & (EDDS-EGLL)
A319 Lufthansa (EDDF-EDDS)
A319 Swiss (LGTS-LSZH)
A320 Eurowings (EDDS-LGTS) & (LGTS-EDDS)
A320 Lufthansa (LGTS-EDDF)
A320 Aegean (EDDS-LGTS) & (EDDM-LGAV)
B738 Air Berlin (LGTS-EDDM)
B738 Tuifly (EDDS-LGRP) & (LGRP-EDDS)
B738 RyanAir something in Greece, Italy and Germany, I only remember good flights though

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I’ve only flown on the 738 operated by Smartwings and Ryanair

I’ve flown on quite a lot, this includes the


and I believe I forgot to mention the 737-700.
So yes, quite extensive amount of aircraft, as you can tell I am a frequent flyer.


I was never bothered to check the registrations of aircaft in IF or of the planes I flew on years ago

But I would like to know if the one in the game was the BA747 I flew on

I flew on EI-CVB (Aer Lingus Livery) to Heathrow from Cork a few years back

I also flew on the new Aer Lingus 757 EI-LBR from Shannon to New York 2 years ago.

I’ve also been on BA 767, Ryanair 737, Aer Lingus A320 New Livery, BA 777-200, -300 and BA 747 and many more airlines not featured in IF

Literally half the planes I’ve flown on aren’t in IF. 😂

But the ones that are in IF are as follows:

American A321 | KCLT - KSEA
Alaska 737-800 | KSEA - PAJN
Alaska 737-800 | PAJN - KSEA
American A321 | KSEA - KCLT

I’ve flown on TAROM, WIZZAir British Airways 777-300, all the Southwests, American, America West, Delta, Swiss Air, United/Express, Delta Connection.

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I have flown with these. ✈️

A321-200 = Thomas Cook - ENGM-LTAI
B737-700 = SAS - ENAL-ENGM
B737-700 = KLM - EHAM-EGLL
B737-800 = Norwegian - ENAL-EGKK / ENGM-EDDB / ENAL-ENGM

For me its

Southwest 737-800 (KPHL-KBNA)(KSTL-KPHL)
American A321 without sharklets (KPHL-KSAN)(KSAN-KPHL)
Delta A319 (KMSP-KPHL)
Delta CRJ-700 or 900 (KCLT-KMSP)
Frontier A320 (KTTN-KMSP)

I think US airways A321 used to be in the game and I flew it from KMSP to KPHL.

Does anyone read the original posts anymore?

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I was originally meant to fly on the Allegiant A320 from RDU to SFB but it ended up being switched with a different A320.

With the same registration as IF only TAM 777 PT-MUG (SBGR-KMIA). Maybe some more that I don’t remember the registration…

Aircraft that have the liveries in IF (not necessarily the same registration):

  • Avianca A318 - SBRJ-SBSP
  • TAM A319 - SBSP-SBRJ; SBRJ-SBSP (maybe more that I don’t remember)
  • LATAM A350-900 - LEMD-SBGR
  • Gol 737-700 - SBSP-SBRJ; SBRJ-SBSP
  • Norwegian 737-800 - LEMG-EKCH
  • TAM 777-300ER (different registration that IF) - SBGR-KMIA; KMIA-SBGR
  • Air Nostrum (Iberia Regional) CRJ-1000 - LEMD-LEMG; LEMG-LEMD

Aircraft that are in IF but don’t have the livery I flown IRL:

  • Avianca - A319 - SBSP-SBRJ
  • Iberia Express A320 - LEMD-LEMG; LEMG-LEMD; EKCH-LEMD
  • Iberia A330-300 - SBGR-LEMD; LEMD-SBGR
  • Iberia A340-600 - SBGR-LEMD; LEMD-SBGR
  • TAM 767-300 - SBGL-KMIA
  • Air Nostrum CRJ-900 - LEMD-LEMG

B787 - Air Canada
B777 - Air Canada
A319 - Air Canada
B737 - Ryanair / Westjet
A320 - Aegean / EasyJet
B767 - Air Canada Rouge
B717 - Volotea
A330 - Air Canada

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BA A319, A320, A321, B789, B772, B767
EasyJet A319, A320
Ryanair B738 (yes, I survived)
Srilankan A333
Emirates A380, B777LR, B773
Silkair A319
Singapore A380
Royal Jordanian B788
Iberia A321
Thai B744, A333, A346

B773 - Emirates
B737 & B788 - Kenya Airways
B737 - Mango and Kulula
B789 - Saudia
A380 - Air France
B772 - Alitalia
C208 Caravan - Generic
Dash-8 Q400 - Generic
A333 - Delta
B744 - KLM

Guys this is if you’ve flown on the aircraft that have the same registration as in IF.

I’ve only flown a couple and I forgot the reg lol.

More to Love 737-900ER for Alaska was in 2019 to Vegas from Seattle!

(Sorry for the trash photos, it was 11:15PM)

Same for the Eva Air 77W that’s currently in the sim!



Oh that reminds me I also flew a BR 77W from PEK-TPE. Was a bit disappointed with EVA tho, I don’t feel they deserve their 5*

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Dang did you really have to throw Ryanair under the bus like that?