Which hold short lines apply?

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In airports where there are two holding short lines before entering the runway, I’m wondering what line I have to be behind? The front one or the back one when holding short to takeoff.


Typically when two lines are present, they are used for different conditions.

The line closest to the runway is used during normal conditions (VFR) while the line further from the runway is used in low visibility (IFR)


Thanks, is there a way to find out what line is being used and the visibility conditions?

There’s no communication to tell you to use a specific line, but airports on the map will have a red dot if they are IFR only.


When ceiling is less than 800 feet or visibility is less than 2 miles.




Bold Method


There are two types of holding point lines, these are known as pattern A and B.
A pattern A line is one which has two solid yellow lines and two broken lines and is used to signify the holding point closest the runway and is the closest point any aircraft or vehicle may get to the runway for the purpose of giving way to an aircraft landing or taking off.
A pattern B line is referred to as a “ladder marking” and is usually found on taxiways or holding points other than those closest to runways.
A pattern B marking can he disregarded outside of the published hours of ATC availability

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