Which GeminiJets Scale is Better (Price and Quality Wise)?

I’m thinking of staring to collect GeminiJets, question’s in the title, please be honest with your answer. Neither answer is right nor wrong, just looking for opinions :)

  • 1:200
  • 1:400

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1:400 is better for space and pricing, not to mention the options to build airports are much more varied with Gemini.


Both are great quality, but 1:400 has the advantage of being better in terms of price, weight, and number of them you can fit in a limited space.


I have 21 and most of them are Gemini, a few Phoenix here and there and 1 Herpa. All of them are 1:400 except for Dash 8s and 737s, they are way too small when they’re 1:400. I recently bought an Alaska New Livery 738 in 1:200

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1-200 better in quality 1-400 is so smal that its waste of money.1-200 is a lot more expensive but its worth it.

Look att this comparison photo.


Depends on the amount of detail you’d like and if you think it’s worth it.
Just compare the two sizes closely and see for yourself.
I like the 1:200.


Me too. Best scale is 1:1 though :)


Just remember that molds aren’t perfect.
There are always things ‘wrong’. Some things are being done by hand.
The best thing you can do is compare a few versions and pick the best one.
Don’t order online, 'cause that way you won’t know what you’d be getting. Pick the ones you like yourself.

This is a 1:200 (InFlight 200) model of a 743.


Is that a Skymarks Etihad A380?

No gemini 200 etihad a380

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1:400 is better for pricing and if you want a collection but I have an emirates A380 1:200… its epic


I have Skymark Models and so I would immediately say get 1.200 as I wouldn’t like them to Be any smaller mainly because it’s for display, in fact I always drool over the Skymark supreme Models, they are massive

I collect 1:400, they are great.


gemini jets is great! i own1 400, and have a model of Philadelphia, i have the terminal and the mat, if you have a lot of space and money you will like 1 200 models, better, if you don’t want to spend 60 dollars on a 737-800 then go for 1 400, 1 400 is smaller, so its less space, there also cheaper! if you are really trying to make up your mind, check out some you tubers, that collect them, such as, aaflyer777, gemini jets 5280, gemini jets 333, and nai727.

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I have a Malaysia Airlines 777-2H6ER (9M-MRD) from Gemini. Amazing (minus what happened to the actual aircraft) and good if you want to “investigate” plane crashes.

If you really want a big model airport, do 1:400. If you want to keep them on a stand 1:200. Personally, I’d go for the 1:400 for price and space if your doing a lot of them. If it’s a few 1:200. I currently am collecting 1:100s and keeping them on stands on shelves.

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