Which frequency do I need to change

There are 6 ATC in the airport (Ground, Tower, Dirctor, radar and Departure). I contract radar first, and he say I have to contract Director. But the Director is close. So I contract back radar. And he gives me a level 2 violation.
What should I do?

By Radar, do you mean Center?

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EGLL yesterday feature airport

Who was the controller that reported you? You can find out by tapping on the flight in your logbook. :)

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Approach type

TRDubh the report me controller

@TRDubh was the controller. You can message him or @appeals to sort it out. :)

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The controller in question has been tagged. I don’t see a reason to involve Tyler or Taipei.


No need for that! The controller has been tagged and the issue will be handled. Thank you for your willingness to help out!


Please contact @TRDubh or message appeals and we will be happy to assist you.