Which flight is the longest

I am flying on Saturday or Sunday next week and I want to know the longest flight possible in infinite flight. It would be great to see your comments ASAP.

The longest one in real life would be Singapore to NY. However there are many others that you could do in IF. Just take “the long way.”

Uh I think the flight is for 17 hour 30 mins but it’s not the longest

There should be a very long flight

I guess Singapore Airlines SQ24 from Singapore to New York is currently the longest commercial flight. The total air time is about 18hrs 30 mins.

Actually I want a 30 hour flight

Then you should do around the globe EGLL-EGLL. At 250kn. I don’t think there’s any plane that can hold 30hrs worth of fuel.

Oh ok thanks.

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If your going to do a Delta flight do KATL-FAOR on a A350
Flight number is DL 200
Flight time roughly 15 hours
Gate departure is around 19:25 est or 23:25z

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Singapore - EWR is 19 hrs
Perth - LAX is 20.5 hrs
London - Sydney is 19.5

Think someone wanna toast his phone lol…just do sin-lax and back you have your 30hr plus flight 🤗

Umm na Just wanna keep my iPad on for long time I am going for 7300hours of flight time on my account rn I have 170 not even close to achieve what i need but the 30 hour flight will be useful

Project Sunrise. EGLL - YSSY non stop with Quantas A350. Coming irl in 2023

Yeah the project Sunrise flight is the longest commercial flight as @NemAir already said you can also do KJFK to YSSY which also has a flight time of 19-20hrs.

Agreed lol 😂

Possible is a bit of a broad term, technically you could fly for a whole week if you just kept stopping for refueling. If you want nonstop, there are some really egregious things that can be done. But I suspect this is not what you’re referring to. One of the longest city pairs I’ve flown was Lisbon to Sydney going west (if SimBrief won’t give you a western routing try Lisbon to LA and then LA and Sydney and tack the plans onto each other), I think it was around 25 hours which is doable in a couple planes (777s, A350 mainly).

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