Which fighter is your favorite in IF? [Poll]

  • A-10
  • F/A-18
  • F-14
  • F-16C
  • F-22
  • P-38
  • Spitfire Mk VIII

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I dont like fighters…

P-38 master race!

I generally don’t like fighters but the P-38 is a beautiful classic WWII plane. Such a speedy little guy. Cockpit has the old feel to it and the design is amazing. My second choice would be the Supermarine Spitfire, the the F-14, then the A-10, then the F-16, then the F-22, then the F-18.

The one thing I dislike about all the fighters is that they were built to destroy each other. It’s such a shame that a beuatiful machine like the P-38 or Spitfire destroyed other planes, or were destroyed :frowning:

Best, Boeing707

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@Swang007, How do you make a poll?

Well… RIP P-38. Least ya got some votes.

Long live the DC-9!

I think I’ve said this before but I can’t find it. To make a poll, just code it in HTML like this:

- Option 1
- Option 2
- Option 3

I liked A-10, F-22, P-38 and Spitfire.

Wow the way people complain about the F-22 I’m surprised.

I love the F-14! It’s so easy to handle, and so beautiful!

Too hard to pick just one!

I love the f22 just because of the fun aerobatics I can do with it, but my favorite plane of all time has always been the F-14.