which engine noise do you prefer?

I was wondering which engine noise you like best.

Which engine?

General electric.

I like the engine noise from jet propelled turbines. I find the electric planes too quiet (yes, I have heard one.)

Are we talking real world engines here or ones in the Sim?

I am rather partial to the sound of the DG-808 propulsion :-)

IRL the RB 211! All four on the 747 is harmonious, on the 757 they scream beautifully 😂

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Do you mean IF or in real life?, also this might be a duplicate

This topic really belongs in the “Real World “ category rather than the “General” one as that relates to Infinite Flight only!

As the OP is not at the right TL just yet ( keep reading, liking and replying to topics and you will soon be there!) this topic will have to be closed for now.

@HYPER as this is an interesting topic, once you have got the right TL then you can start the topic, perhaps with a vote, in the real world category.

Happy landings

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In infinite flight I prefer the 737 series but this is not an duplicate